Load Cells and Installation Kits

Load cells from Minebea Intec are a measure of German quality. Their robustness, quality and durability are the result of many years of experience in this field. Measuring cells are the most important component of the scale, whether it is a platform, table or floor scale.

Load cells are used to determine mass and therefore are the most important components of an electronic scale. One of the most widely used technologies is based on strain gauge technology: an analog load cell consists of a measuring element (so-called spring body) made of steel or aluminum, on which a strain gauge (Wheatstone bridge) is mounted. Each electronic scale has an integrated load cell that ensures that a weight can be measured. DMS load cells are the most widely used, but there are other technologies for weight determination in weighing technology such as EMFC, electromagnetic force compensation. Generally, load cells are installed in industrial plants, such as filling plants, weighing silos or checking the filling level of tanks.

Vessel and Silo Weighing brochure