Environmental protection

The Regulation on the Management of Electrical and Electronic Equipment waste (NN. 42/14, 48/14, 107/14, 139/14, 11/2019, 7/20) prescribes measures for the protection of the environment and human health, conditions for the management of EE waste, obligations and responsibilities of all persons involved in the life cycle of electrical and electronic equipment, as well as procedures and goals in EE waste management.

According to the aforementioned Regulation, electrical and electronic (EE) waste is:

EE equipment that is waste in the sense of the law governing sustainable waste management in the Republic of Croatia, including all components, subassemblies and consumables that are part of the product at the time of disposal.

EE equipment (electrical and electronic devices and equipment) represents all products and their components that for their primary and proper operation depend on electricity or electromagnetic fields as the primary source of energy, as well as products for the production, transmission and measurement of current or electromagnetic field strength, which can be classified in the list of types of products from Appendix 2 and Appendix 4 of this rulebook or are similar to them in their purpose and purpose and which are intended for use at a voltage that does not exceed 1,000 V for alternating current and 1,500 V for direct current.

According to Article 13 of the Regulation on the Management of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (NN. 42/14, 48/14, 107/14, 139/14, 11/2019, 7/20):

(3) The owner of EE waste is obliged to separate EE waste from mixed municipal waste and other types of waste and hand it over to the collector in the system managed by the Fund or to an independent fulfiller, in its entirety and in a condition from which it is evident that it has not been previously disassembled to extract separate components or parts. Previously disassembled parts of EE equipment consisting of several units (e.g. computer monitors, electric motors of pumps or compressors, etc.) are considered such EE waste.
(6) Handing over, collection, collection and transport of separately collected EE waste is performed free of charge for households and registered persons and in a manner that enables optimal conditions for preparation for reuse, recycling and other recovery procedures and separation of hazardous substances from EE waste.
(7) During collection and transportation, EE waste must not be pressed or mixed and transported with other types of waste, nor subjected to procedures that damage EE waste or endanger human health and the environment.

EE equipment is marked with a separate collection of EE waste, which consists of a crossed waste collection container with wheels. This mark must be printed visibly, clearly and indelibly.

For the safety of the shipment, your device is packed in packaging that is made of materials that are not harmful to the environment. After the successful installation of the device, we suggest that you keep the packaging (especially during the warranty period), and you should put the packaging in the recycling process. Packaging that will no longer be used must be disposed of by an authorized waste disposal concessionaire. The packages are made of materials that do not harm the environment and can be used as secondary materials.

Equipment, including accessories, empty disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries, do not belong in household waste; such accessories/equipment are manufactured from potentially hazardous material and from materials that can be recycled and reused. For information on organizing recycling, including the recycling of old devices, contact your waste collection concessionaire, your local waste disposal site or your nearest Sartorius center.

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