Company history

Company history - Sartorius Croatia

Our history dates back to 1993, when Sartorius Croatia officially began working. From the very beginning, we had a vision to become a reliable partner, a top service center and support and a technologically advanced leader in the profession in which we work.

From the very beginning, our vision has been recognized by continuous work by customers, who have given us confidence and are convinced of our quality. Shortly after its establishment, in 1994, all the effort, knowledge and ability we invested in the business was rewarded and we became an authorized service partner of Sartorius AG, a leading German manufacturer of laboratory products and bioprocess technology. In addition to giving us confidence in the service business, we also started selling Sartorius microbiological program in 2000, as part of which we were able to offer a number of products on the market for quality control, filtration and microbiology.

With the expansion of the product portfolio and services, our recognizability and reputation in the market was growing and in 2003 we became a support center for Sartorius AG in the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our efforts and striving for impeccable quality led to 2007, when we received ISO 9001 certificate for the sale, service and distribution of biotechnology and mechatronics equipment (precision and analytical scales, pipettes, dynamic scales, metal detectors, industrial scales, computers, etc.). Later on, we have opened our accredited calibration laboratory in our premises, which in 2010 met all the criteria of a quality management system, which we confirmed with EN ISO 17025, which allowed us to competently work and promote the ability and reliability of our laboratory work at the local and wider level. In 2014, the scope of our activities expanded to the Republic of Slovenia, where we expanded the bioprocess offer, as well as service and technical support services.

A good reputation is heard far and wide, so our service has become appreciated in many cities and countries we represent and beyond. In 2015 we became a service center for Central and Eastern Europe, thus expanding our scope of work completely. The expansion of business has led to an increased need for work capacity, so in 2016 we opened a new office space in which we now have our own office, service space, moderate laboratory and storage space, with plans for additional expansion. Since then, we continuously invest in further progress and quality, with the aim of further expansion, and by developing our own products, services and software solutions we want to stand out in the international market, as an innovative and high-tech center in metrology, laboratory, bioprocess solutions and service.