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Sartorius Croatia
Sartorius Croatia
Sartorius Croatia
Sartorius Croatia
About us

Sartorius Croatia, a reliable partner in your business

We offer high-tech laboratory equipment for your laboratory, provide process solutions for optimal bioprocess manufacturing. We complement our product portfolio with service, calibration and verification services, as well as developing our own software solutions based on the most advanced technology on the market.

Who are we?
Meet our team of experts

Ivica Granić - Sartorius Croatia

Ivica Granić

Chairman of the Board

Owner and CEO of Sartorius Croatia-Libra elektronik d.o.o.

Anica Granić - Sartorius Croatia

Anica Granić

Board member

Owner & accountant at Sartorius Croatia - Libra Elektronik d.o.o.

Tomislav Barbarić - Sartorius Croatia

Tomislav Barbarić

Quality Control

Quality & Service Manager

Danijela Lulić - Sartorius Croatia

Danijela Lulić


Sales Support

Dragica Ribić - Sartorius Croatia

Dragica Ribić


Sales Representative & Support for Laboratory Products (Sartorius)

Martina Bagović - Sartorius Croatia

Martina Bagović


Sales Representative & Support for Bioprocess Solutions (Sartorius)

Ivan Tkalec - Sartorius Croatia

Ivan Tkalec


Sales Representative & Support for Industrial Solutions (Minebea Intec)

Krunoslav Vujec - Sartorius Croatia

Krunoslav Vujec


Service Technician & Metrologist

Tomislav Koreni - Sartorius Croatia

Tomislav Koreni


Service Technician & Metrologist

Nikola Jurina - Sartorius Croatia

Nikola Jurina


Service Technician & Metrologist

Anđelko Levak - Sartorius Croatia

Anđelko Levak


Web & Mobile Developer

Antonio Granić - Sartorius Croatia

Antonio Granić


Web Developer & IT Support

Emma Šprem - Sartorius Croatia

Emma Šprem


Digital Marketing & Event Coordinator

Štefica Ružić - Sartorius Croatia

Štefica Ružić


Procurement & Logistics Coordinator

Josipa Golub - Sartorius Croatia

Josipa Golub


Procurement Coordinator

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