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our most valuable product

High-quality service and customer support are the basis for buying a new device and establishing a business relationship for any serious customer. Every new device is certainly good and works but what will happen to it after many years of use - no one knows.  Many parameters affect the functionality and work duration of the device, so it is important to use it in accordance with the prescribed conditions of use and place it in adequate places in appropriate environmental conditions.

Occasionally, when using the device, unforeseen mechanical damage or system outages occur, requiring professional, fast, reliable and cost-effective service. Our business philosophy is based on the fact that our service and customer support are the most important part, in which we invest the most and base our success so far. The service is staffed by professional and educated people, we use only original spare parts, adjust, calibrate, verify and educate users of the devices.

Our service support is an important item for the long-term and safe operation of your device.

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The new Puro® industrial scale model is a best-buy option for simple weighing tasks. Whether you need a weighing, counting or quality control function, Puro® provides reliable performance in all areas of industrial weighing.

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